We are two gringas who have packed up our lives in London to explore South America, India and South-East Asia.


That’s Angela on the left – until recently she was a bad-ass lawyer, but remains a lover of pickles, Kubrick and Kerouac. Maura’s on the right – an arts/literary PR in her London life, she loves lime, pandas and karaoke.

If you want to keep track of our route or plan to join us, here is our VERY rough itinerary:

May/June: Peru and Bolivia

July: Bolivia and Peru

August: Ecuador

September/October: Colombia

October to end of December: India

January to May: Burma, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand (probably in that order)

And finally, wondering why our blog is called Just Doing This Now? It’s a reference to this sketch, which we find highly amusing:


  1. So excited that this is live!!! This is going to be my evening read today, girls xx

  2. Wow all looks breathtaking so far, looking forward to following you travels :) x

  3. Brix! This is fantastic! Why on earth would you look for tarantulas at night? Love the twig snapping in the hush of the Amazon. Nothing like a comedy moment. Keep ’em coming, love. xxxx