A cooking class was top of my Chang Mai to-do list; the town is famous for it’s food, cooking and the numerous schools that line the streets.

It was such a fantastic day, a group of nine of us went to the market, bought the ingredients for our day of cooking (read: a lot of lemongrass and a big bag of chillies) and then set about making them.

I chose to make Pad Thai, Papaya salad, Tom Yum soup, Green Curry and a dessert of Mango with sticky rice.

My favourite dish, Papaya salad, can be made as spicy as you can handle (or not, in my case) and I discovered that I am a two to three chillies kind of a girl, which is still pretty damn hot. The lady teaching us how to make it? Not two or three, but TEN chillies, sometimes 15 if she’s in the mood.

Although the amazing food and brilliant teachers were great, the best bet of the class was my fellow classmates, such a lovely bunch of people from America, Taiwan, Philippines and Israel. I know you are not allowed favourites, but meeting the Kotowski’s from America was pretty inspiring: the family of four with two gorgeous kids, Will and Kate, are on a year-long trip around the world.



Fresh fish….




Pad Thai


Mixing/smashing up the Papaya salad.


Papaya salad with three chillies.


Prawn Tom Yum


Chilli and garlic chopping


Green curry


Mango and sticky rice