Just over six months ago we packed up and shipped out of dear old London town and now, five countries on, we are alive, happy and in a slight daze at the fact that we are still on this big long holiday.

For me, the strangest thing about this big long holiday is that it isn’t strange at all. I mean, obviously the different cultures, languages and experiences are strange, but the fact that our holiday seems to be going on for longer than the obligatory two weeks seems well, normal, now.

For the most part, these six months have been a complete blast of fun, wonder and pinch-yourself-you-are-very-lucky-moments.  Sure, we’ve had a few tiny grazes with bad luck, but compared to the horror stories travellers love to share, we are practically cruising through without too much collateral damage. To date, we are two iPhones down, but far worst things have happened at sea (and in India).

I guess in many ways this trip was quite a test for mine and Angela’s fledgling relationship. Spending 24 hours in each others company, in strange, new and often very confusing situations, armed with only our instinct and some scribbled notes from Tripadvisor, it turns out that we make quite the team. The division of labour happened quite naturally: Angela deals with the money and other maths related activities like adding and subtracting; I research and book accommodation; and everything else we work out together.

It’s been so fascinating to see how the other reacts in such different environments and situations, it turns out that Angela LOVES learning Spanish, horse riding and long train journeys and isn’t much of a fan of rice. Of course there have been tantrums, tears and grumpy moments (mostly from me) and times where one of us has attempted to storm off in a huff (and then realising we can’t actually go too far, so stand slightly up the road or peer round a corner), but it’s been an intense and brilliant way to get to know each other better.

So, here’s to the next six months. It’s got a lot to live up to!