OK – so technically Maura isn’t Indian but we are in India and she isn’t a bride yet, but fiancée isn’t quite as catchy, so please allow me some artistic licence.

The first step in my master plan was to quit my job in order to go travelling for a year with Miss Brickell. The second important step was to agree to visit India during that year. Admittedly Miss B. had to persuade me of India’s merits as I had some big reservations. (I’m very glad that she did as it’s turning out to be a mind-blowing experience). The final key stage was slotting a trip to the Taj Mahal into our heavy schedule. I was more than happy to skip the Taj as I thought it might be one of those overstated cliched attractions that could never live up to the hype. However, I accepted the advice of friends who have been before and it was added to the ‘To Do’ list.

Although my journey to the Taj Mahal was a somewhat reluctant one, my decision to ask Maura to marry me was much easier. Anyone who knows Maura will know what an amazing person she is and I realise that I’m very lucking to be travelling through life by her side.

Obviously I wanted to hold out for the right moment to ask. After being reminded of the story behind the building of the Taj Mahal – it is a monument to testify to the King’s love for his wife – combined with Maura’s excitement about visiting the place meant that it was a no brainier to ask her there.

Upon entering the site the size and beauty of the place takes your breath away. It’s beauty lies in its perfect symmetry and positioning which means it’s only backdrop is the sky. The few hundred people in front of us failed to spoil the view or feeling of serenity that the place exudes.


Sharing the view with a few others.

Surprisingly I was able to find a quiet corner to say my piece and ask the critical question. Maura was shocked, but not too shocked to say yes. What had started out as an awesome morning visiting the Taj Mahal turned out to be one of the most memorable days of my life.


She said yes.




Maura recreates the infamous picture of Lady Di at the Taj Mahal. Nailed it.



Spot the Maura.

Spot the Maura.