Belinda Carlisle was right: heaven really is a place on earth and it is called Guatape. 

A short bus ride from the hectic streets of Medellín took us to the magical land of Guatape. For reasons unclear, the Colombian government flooded the area from a nearby dam, creating a bright turquoise lake with small islands puncturing the water. Before heading to the town itself, we walked up the side of an enormous rock, as you do when you are backpacking (apparently climbing, trekking and sunsets are obligatory on arrival in every destination). It was 600ft of stairs and took about 30 mins in the blazing heat. The view was worth every step though.

                DSCF5550       DSCF5551


               DSCF5559        DSCF5617


How can you top that? Well, fresh fish for lunch looking out over the lake followed by a slow walk around the village was pretty damn good. Guatape’s houses were all decorated with designs and painted in brilliant bright colours. Angela had obviously done her research and dressed to co-ordinate with the colour scheme. Here are some pictures of Angela blending in with the gorgeous houses: 

    DSCF5653 DSCF5700DSCF5683