Tupiza is a tiny “city” at the southern end of Bolivia but feels more like the middle of nowhere. It is very rough and ready, however locals still take time out of their day to dress their dogs in clothes – these people definitely have their priorities in order.

Its claim to fame is that it is where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid´s robbing spree was brought to a gruesome end. We were there to kick off a 4 day jeep tour to the salt flats (epic blog to follow) however we had some time to kill so we found a couple of trusty steeds and headed out of the city into the surrounding scenery.


Other than being amongst the beautiful red rocks contrasting with the never ending blue sky a highlight was getting to pick up the pace to a full gallop. Given that neither of us have any riding experience to speak of we just held on for dear life and squealed a few “yee hah!!!”s