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We went to Sucre directly from La Paz, which, if you have read Maura’s aMaZiNg post you will know is a massive sprawl of a city with a bit of a bad reputation. Sucre therefore provided us with a breath of fresh air and we instantly fell in love with it.

Sucre looks like an immaculately preserved European city from a few hundred years ago with a lush central plaza and and pretty streets heading off in each direction. As well as its obvious aesthetics we appreciated being able to take things more slowly as there were less people, less rush and a real sense of ease about the place.

The plan was to spend one week learning Spanish. We ended up spending almost three weeks because we loved it so much and because it meant we got to hang out with our friends Julien and Lina.

Team photo Lina & Julian Ice cream instead of lunch. Lina on the top of Sucre We were told not to go near the bell... On top of the monastry just as the sun was setting Token nuns The view from the top Beautiful tiles and some weirdo's feet

We became friendly with one of the vendedoras in the local market selling fruit salads and visited her most mornings to have a salad the size of your head with yoghurt, granola and cream poured on top for good measure. We also became regulars at a great bar called Joy Ride Cafe, partly due to the heavenly chicken wings and partly due to the free cinema on the top floor.

A cholita taking a break Getting her weave on Food hall in the market Breakfast! Lunch in the market - not bad for less than £3.00 Traditional Bolivian dish of Pique Macho - basically meat in beer sauce with chips and egg. The meat counter. Toy chair not included. That is a lot of meat

As we had spanish lessons most afternoons we didn’t venture too far from the city centre. On a free day we took a bus to the outskirts where there is a much bigger and busier market, selling everything under the sun. It was quite a hectic experience which evidently enabled someone to cut my bag open and take my phone. On the bright side this gave me the opportunity to brush up on my spanish skills at the police station.

A highlight of our time here was joining in the Gay Pride Parade with a few hundred Bolivians. Needless to say we stuck out like sore thumbs which resulted in us being interviewed for TV and radio en espanol! Despite my extensive media experience it was Maura who shone and really stepped up to the plate, advocating the importance of equal rights for gay Bolivians, or at least we think that is what she said.

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