Cusco, with it’s cobbled streets, rolling hills, gorgeous buildings and pretty little white and blue Spanish quarter is easily our favourite place in Peru (at the time of writing…)

According to the tour guide on our free walking tour (which was pretty good) Cusco is the centre of the world/universe. It certainly felt like it: every day groups of school children dressed in traditional clothes would perform dances around the main square. We took approximately a million photos and a few of them can be viewed here:

A big white Jesus looks out over the town, so one afternoon in the blazing sun and dealing with the altitude of 3300m we decided to climb the rocky road to our Lord. I dealt with the mini-trek with style and grace by having small tantrums and a little sit down every ten steps. But, it was totally worth it – the view of the terracotta topped town hugged by the mountains was stunning and Jesus was pretty impressive too.


Cusco also included Angela’s first meat and potato on a stick experience, lots of wandering, people watching and pootling around the market. Here are the remaining photos of the dancing kids plus some more from gorgeous, gorgeous Cusco:

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