Lima was a thousand car horns, grey polluted skies, packed mini-buses blaring latino music, questionable meat, actual vultures circling the sky, cold showers and…we loved it.

Here are some bits and bobs from our three days in Lima:

  • The fountain park: my personal Lima highlight was the world’s biggest fountain park (not sure if this is official, but I’m going with it). It’s lit up at night and has a whizzy laser show. Ah-maze. Here is some photographic evidence:
  • The buses (not as geeky as it sounds): the streets are full of small vans which race through the traffic stopping for two whole seconds to let people on and off. Seats attached to the floor? Optional.
  • The skies: the pollution is pretty oppressive and means that you cannot see the sky at all – not even a glimpse of the sun. However, we did become a bit obsessed with the small black vultures which circled our heads instead.
  • Bones arranged in geometric shapes at the Monasterio de San Francisco: after all, who doesn’t want to walk through tunnels under a massive monastery and look at a 15ft deep pit of skulls arranged neatly in circles?
  • Carbs (particularly the potato): Peru loves a potato. Apparently they invented it. They are definitely still excited about this because every meal includes potato of some kind. Oh and rice. Double carbs – why not, eh?
  • The market: we stumbled upon the central market whilst looking for the Spanish Inquisition Museum (underwhelming) and it was to become our favourite part of most towns – oh the market, a hot bed of crazy. Guinea pigs in cages in the MEAT AISLE not the pet aisle, chickens (insides sold seperately), thousands of types of potato and a little man blowing a whistle every 3.4 seconds for no real reason.

Here are a few more photos from Lima:

Monasterio de San Francisco
Monasterio de San Francisco
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